461 double hump heads specs. if you want more specs lemme know i could go on all day with good Chevy 461 Camel Hump Cylinder Heads - $700 (Perry) View larger image. If you must maintain a stock looking port, consider our “ Undercover Porting ”. 050" 1-38. Save Reply M MI2600 Member# 3287 Joined Jul 18, 2002 hey everyone,,i have a matching numbers,,set of 461 heads. And here on the HAMB you get more respect for a 327, double hump or Power pack heads, ram horns and 3 or more carbs, and no . with the #461 (x) heads. PLEASE VERIFY THE INTAKE PORTS OF THOSE AND THE #461 (x). 050-inch tappet lift with valve lift numbers of 0. Based on the iconic “double-hump” or “camel-back” (fuelie) cylinder heads of the ‘60s and early ‘70s—including the famed 461 Fuelie heads—the DHC 175 castings are modern aluminum versions with straight spark-plug locations and improved 60cc combustion chambers. note: all 427 heads are cleaned ,baked, mag checked , guaranteed rebuildable 1965 #3856208 pair (B-25-65 #208 HEADS). New bronze guides, new 194 - 150 valves, new valve seats, new Comp valve retainers and keepers, new Z28 461 and 461X (double hump)-These were the original double-hump castings and feature 64cc combustion chambers and a 2. they have had minor port work done to them and they have the 1. 5-inch valves or they might have been made with 2. 100" 1-57. 02" intake and 1. 02 intakes and the 1. He does not mention a 461X casting for 65 and 66. These smaller chamber heads had better flowing ports than the later 441 or 882 castings. The "X" casting had the same port configuration; yet, larger intake port volume. 50". off the nose of your car vs. The X in a 461X head is NOT cast on the top side of the head with the 461. 60-inch valve combination, but have slightly larger intake ports; 461 . 9, E-44. 1968-1982 Corvette Door Striker Replacement. The combustion chamber looks to be smaller. Aluminum GM 3782461 Chevy 327 SBC Camel Back / Double Hump Cylinder Head Bare. The stock valve sizes in those IIRC were 1. However, even with a 4" wide chamber and large valves, these heads will still fit on a . I would look into finding someone who wants the heads for a period correct resto and look for something that will do a better job of getting you the performance you want. 291 heads were used in 67 to 69 on 302, 327 and 350 engines Visually similar to the 461 heads (GM # 3782461) which first appeared on the 1961 Corvette “fuelie”No accessory bolt holes, just like the original headsHeads are sold EACHAluminum heads shave 40 lbs. AFR 180cc -- AFR 190cc -- AFR Race 210cc -- AFR 205cc LS1 Mongoose Street Head -- AFR 205cc LS1 . Put an intake valve in it´s place in both heads and check which head´s intake port will swallow more water. 170cc intake port for the 461x vs 160cc for the 461. ” engine and the Camaro a “305 TPI The small block Chevy engine has a small bore of 3. And they will make more power than those 461's ever will. This added valve lift creates a problem for those Vortec heads unless changes are made to either the valve springs or machining the heads to improve retainer-to-seal clearance. iron headsImproved port/chamber shape for better performance and efficiencyStandard port location for use with most intake and exhaust With advertised specs of 268/280 it offered 224/230 degrees at 0. the larger valved and pocket ported ‘Camel Hump’ style heads are just fine. local pick up only. 5 Stars, . 88 chevy double hump cylinder heads 461 & 462 sbc heads chevelle corvette racecar . 44 double springs installed,also,,they were machined for the umbrella seals and have had hardened seats installed. 02: 1. CHEVROLET SMALL BLOCK CYLINDER HEADS DOUBLE HUMPS CASTING NUMBER 3890461 1961 - 1970 302 , 327, 350CI ENGINES 1. 50" exhaust valve. they The 461 heads were THE heads to have in the days prior to the aftermarket heads. Finally I need help filling in some of the blank spaces in the charts. 6, E-60. 94 / 1. The stock 283 used a 58cc chamber. We stock shower spares for Mira electric showers, Mira mixer showers, Mira bar mixer showers and Mira digital showers, including Mira shower heads, Mira shower head holders, Mira shower hoses, and internal spare parts. 94 and 1. Double-hump heads were offered up through the 492 head that was featured on the 350ci LT1 engine in the early '70s That was impressive in 1992, but the iron LT1 head that came out in 1994 was even better 00:1 Reverse Gear 2 BLOCKS - PBM IRON BBC COMPETITION BLOCKS – 400 Ford: Aussie heads, aluminum intake – 400 Ford: Aussie heads, aluminum . 9 . The 461 heads are 40 year old technology. 6-inch valves. Two versions were made for the 327 and 350 engines, one with a larger valve package (2. small combustion chambers you may be able to clean them up and use them as is, may want to have them check out also. Chevy SBC V8 Bare Aluminum Camel Double Hump 461 Cylinder Head - https://www. Gm 3782461 Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Cylinder Heads Camel Double Hump. Cylinder Heads & Parts for Chevy, Engine Block Parts for Chevrolet Chevy II, 1963 Cars Ford F-100, good, straight set of double hump heads. The most famous heads are the 461 and 462 heads that offer 160-cc intake ports, 64-cc chambers, and 2. 461 double hump heads were used on 1962 to 1964 300HP 327s from the factory along with larger exhaust and a carter AFB carb and used into 65 to 67 as I recall. Our newest addition is a 461 small block that makes 940 HP. I did read one test on flow #'s for a 461 (stock, untouched), the #'s were as follows: . User Info. My book does not cover years prior to 65, so I can't say anything about 64 and earlier. The 492, 292, and 186 heads have a slightly different looking camel hump. Sbc casting numbers. The "standard" 461 head's intake port volume was 161cc, exhaust was 62cc. 60" ones in them sometimes. What does double hump heads mean? Double-hump heads are a specific casting of cylinder heads for Chevrolet’s Small-Block V8 engine. Designed for 1962-86 small block engines (302/327/350) Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in lightweight aluminum! Also known as "fuelie" heads, the 3782461 castings were used on many legendary Chevrolets from 1961-1967. But really 2. Its replacement, the 3890462 and 3891462 castings, are best known as a 462 head. Bowl blending vortec heads 19 hours ago · Production for the typical small block started in 1957 and is still being used today. 0 average based on 2 product ratings. Cylinder Heads & Parts for Chevy, Engine Block Parts for Chevrolet Chevy II, 1963 Cars Ford F-100, These smaller chamber heads had better flowing ports than the later 441 or 882 castings. You have all the specs, just need your vehicle weight and gear ratio in the rear; then call any converter manufacturer to tailor build what you need. 5. 5 or 2. 150" 1-79. $219. The picture above shows one of three different casting marks for the double hump heads. In the early '70's, racers paid up to $2000 for those heads in classes where factory castings were required. 94 INTAKE VALVES 1. 65 ( absofrigginlutly the max ). 5-inch valves or they might have been made with 2. You can get the 186 castings, they are 64 cc heads with accessory holes used on 69 302 and 70 350 LT-1 engines. If you building a period specific engine or restoration such as a 350hp/327 they do the trick. 9, E-20. “Double-hump” heads were found on many of its high-performance engines in the 1960s and early 1970s. 4 Or you could just buy a set of brand new Dart or similer heads for 5 or 600 bucks and bolt them right on. 461, 462, 186, 291 and 492. 477/0. 7, E-82,3 . New New New. 00 CASH. 60 exhaust valves with 7 degree locks and the stainless retainers. The castings are usually identified by the last three numbers, so 3782461 cylinder that was produced originally for 327ci engines would be better known simply as the 461 head. Views: 1005. I don't know that those were ever stock, but I could be wrong. chevy double hump cylinder heads 461 & 462 sbc heads chevelle corvette racecar . 480. ran good but had some moisture in cylinders so i scrapped the block and kept the heads . Send Private Topic . 60-inch valve sizes. These heads will also interchange with other camel hump heads with casting numbers 461, 461X, 462, 291, 292, 186, 041, & 492. 94 and 2. 2 hours ago · We ship UPS or Shenker International. Has anyone ever cc'ed various heads and found this to be true? The 461 heads, with ubtouched chambers do vary in six. 600 is the norm. speedwaymotors. 60". 6, E-101. 64-66 Double humpers or Camel hump 161/62cc port 3782461X 60-63, Larger intake runners, 172/64cc port 3991492 350 LT1, 70, 64cc, straight plug, camel hump . Your Price: 9. Ad id: 1005177304242829. 250" 1-125. Sedans, 2 Door and 4 Door; Hardtops, 2 Door and 4 Door; Used C4 Corvette Suspension 1988-96, 0 Front, 0 - 00. Small block chevy head castings; Casting # Combustion Chamber size CCs Intake valve Exhaust valve Production Years Misc Engine; 10033867: 62cc: 2. 0 . Porting peanut port bbc heads November 3-5. Only show this user. With all the choices in new motors and heads these do not have the interest they once had. People put 2. The first shot is with the valve at 0. Collectors and racers do have to be careful when looking at 462 heads. . 02/1. Stock “double hump” heads flow 202 cfm intake and 141 cfm on the exhaust. 60 or 2. 1962 1963 Small Block Chevy SBC 327 461X 461 X Head 3782461 F-13-2. 50) set of valves. 00. Double hump casting also. 461 is a better casting, but it's a 60s casting that is highly hostile to modern fuel, as well as not having the bolt holes in the ends for modern accessories. 7 . 150 lift, the second shot is Colvin says the 461 head was used on 65 and 66 327 engines with either 1. There are 291, 462 and 461 original double hump heads that GM made -they all have different CC volumes. 50 , if i were to run flat top pistons and a 480 ish lift cam and headers and a 600 Holley what sort of power/torque should i expect ? . heavy iron heads 461 Double Hump SBC Heads. The heads for '65 250 hp 327's anyway were the #461 double hump with 1. So with the same pistons you get more compression (=power or problems. The actual CFM flow numbers would depend on if any work was done to the heads, and the quality of the valve job . 040" over 283 engine, as well as the larger 327 Chevy. Price: $700. For instance, the camel hump symbol (also called double hump) can be found on 461, 461X, 462, and 291 casting heads. . 5:1. So let’s touch on that. if you want more specs lemme know i could go on all day with good Differences Between 291, 461 and 462 Heads. #13 · Feb 5, 2009. 02" / 1. 05 1. The small cross-section intake runners measure 175cc, and will flow . It has double hump cylinder heads, possibly 461 castings probably original to the '65 engine. High Performance Massive Air Filters. 02 1. Thanks, Sum. 94" / 1. 2 product ratings. Bryan, you said you´ve got #292 heads there. Post: 461 Double Hump Heads (Topic#333456) carsmutley Poster Posts: 66 Reg: 11-06-14. com/index. Jump to Latest Follow . 2,146 Posts. Intake/exhaust port volumes were about 170cc and 64cc and valve diameters were either 1. This aside, they are decent heads and still do a good job. 60), and the other with a smaller (1. ILS 1,700. Yet, valves were smaller at 1. com/Chevy-SBC-V8-Bare-Aluminum-Camel-Double-Hump-461-Cylinder-HeaThey are pricy, I had leaned towards the profiler heads. 02 and 1. Valves were 2. metriccar wrote: The 461 casting head has a different looking combustion chamber than the other double hump heads. 01-20-2004, 10:14 PM. 60: over the counter 23 degree, angle plug, 196 cc intake runner, Aluminum These are the famous “double hump” cylinder heads that initially found their way onto the high performance engines (302ci/327ci/350ci) in 1966 and 1967. You can buy a "box store", one size fits all, but it won't be as effective . 461 Likes, 2 Comments - D A K O T A (@dapeach_389) on Instagram: "Lettered and sleeper panels installed 2022 peterbilt 389, 78IN standup, this truck has all the best options available, truly a perfect combo for just about any New - 2020 peterbilt 389 72 inch flat top! A gunmetal effect - stock #LD692360 this truck is equipped with a cummins Apr . As others have said, drilling them is not advised. The problem with adding bigger fuelie style cylinder heads like the 461 or 462 is that, while these heads increase airflow over a stock 283 head, this also increases the combustion chamber volume. The X is cast on the bottom side under the water passage near the end of the head. 461 and 462 double hump complete heads should be worth or priced at $200 a set at the very least. 50 EXHAUST VALVES 3 ANGLE VALVE GRIND VALVE JOB CHECKED FOR CRACKS RESURFACED HOT TANKED READY TO BOLT ON $450. 60" exhaust valves, whereas most 461 heads came with a 1. “one is a 461 double hump the othr is a 462 - both where on a 327 that i took apart years ago . Max valve size (for an expert ) is 2. *fully assembled. 02 valve sizes depending on application. they have the 2. 0, E-114. 461X heads have a 10cc larger intake port. found some 461 double hump heads but with the smaller valve sizes 1. 00 RIP: 2/16/2019. 200" 1-104. chevy double hump cylinder heads 461 & 462 sbc heads chevelle corvette racecar. Edmunds also has Ford F-450 Super Duty pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. 560" max spring pocket diameter Forged from premium quality aluminum that shaves 40 lbs. That one, then one with a very short casting mark, the double humps were only a 1/4" above the deck surface, and the later '68-70 with accessory holes. With the advancements in casting and air flow research these heads have been eclipsed in today's world. 94/1. Heads with tall casting marks were identified as 291-, 461-, 461X- and 462 castings and did not have accessory bolt holes. Shelby Cobra Chassis. Intake port volume was 172cc, with the same exhaust at 62cc. jobberone. RIP: 2/16/2019. see all. These heads may have come with 1. 02" intake/1. www. combo makes a decent fast revving motor for the street but the comp is a little high for most ppl. 6 inches for the intake/exhaust. nice head gasket surfaces. This flow improvement will add 15 to 25 horsepower to your engine. The double hump heads were factory installed on all High Performance Fuel Injected and carbureted Chevrolet vehicles including Corvette, Camaro RS SS & Z-28, Chevelle Malibu, Chevy II Nova, Bel Air, & Impala. With our “ Undercover Ported ” they will flow 220-230 cfm intake and 165 cfm exhaust. These heads will also 461 Double Hump SBC Heads. The casting number of these heads are 462, 291, 461, among others, all differing slightly from each other. Jan 9, 2007 #3 Unfrozn Veteran Member Jul 4, 2006 471 San Diego, CA Gary S said: Chevy SBC Assembled Aluminum Camel Double Hump 461 Cylinder Head Visit the Speedway Motors Store $649 99 Features 180cc intake runner, 62cc exhaust runner, 2. You can do a lot better than the old double humps. Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in lightweight aluminum! In this video, Joe The double hump heads were factory installed on all High Performance Fuel Injected and carbureted Chevrolet vehicles including Corvette, Camaro RS SS & Z-28, Chevelle Malibu, Chevy II Nova, Bel Air, & Impala. 461 and 462 camel humps are good heads for the time. For years, these were coveted castings in the performance community that were not superseded until the advent of the Chevy over-the-counter Turbo and Bow Tie iron pieces. They are good if you want to run a class where stock heads are required. You have all the specs, just need your vehicle weight and gear ratio in the rear; then call any converter manufacturer to tailor . com/Chevy-SBC-V8-Bare-Aluminum-Camel Making the Double Hump heads run 7,000 rpm for 3,000 laps The most common heads sought by engine builders are ones identified variously as the "Camel Back," "Double Hump" or "Humper" heads used on a range of passenger cars and performance vehicles. The Camel Backs are often confused with the "fuelie" heads found on fuel-injected Corvettes, but measurements of the intake . Those double-hump heads generally have 64cc chambers. 300" 1-148. If you have any of this missing info or some of this is wrong please e-mail me. 90 . 94" intake and 1. 60" exhaust valves, 1. A comparison of how fuel (in green) flows through the 462 cylinder head as the intake valve opens. Double hump casting marks. A special thanks to Paul Shufelt for helping me with some of the numbers below. The X on the 461X heads CAN NOT be seen from the top side of the head. These heads have 2. I have a set that are date coded from 1965 .

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